Why do PT doesn't host their own Git repo?

Hello there!
I just checked to see if the GitHub repo was recovered but it seems it’s not. I just wanted to know why does the @teampct don’t host their own Git repo using Gitlab or Gitea? I don’t even understand how the repo have been up and running on GitHub for so long BTW.

Does this kind of thing happened before and do you think about hosting your own repo?

Thanks in advance!

We have already a gitlab account , we are just waiting the 10 Business day for github to enable the repo if they dont do it we move to gitlab or self hosted GIT

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Ok that’s a good idea :+1:

Repo is up again on github

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Sorry but I don’t really understand. How do you make the repo to continue on GitHub after a claim? You are magician?

From the GitHub:

“Copyright Owner May File a Legal Action. If a copyright owner wishes to keep the content disabled after receiving a counter notice, they will need to initiate a legal action seeking a court order to restrain the user from engaging in infringing activity relating to the content on GitHub. In other words, you might get sued. If the copyright owner does not give GitHub notice within 10-14 days, by sending a copy of a valid legal complaint filed in a court of competent jurisdiction, GitHub will reenable the disabled content.”

(He called their bluff!)


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“The code is 100 % ours and do not contain any copyright [sic] material please check again,” well done!

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