Why cannot use internet while im watching a movie at PCorn?

I realize that usually while im watching movie and i need to go internet for research something or in another computer my fiance is trying to listen youtube playlist she cannot, or sounds cut every moment.
Is possible set the bandwidth for Popcorn to leave another applications use same connection without stop runing?


This is not normal. I never heard about PT doing that. Maybe your network is overloaded but if you can you can try to download it to watch later, so you use your internet connection for a shorter period of time.

Thanx, i guess PopCorn take a lot of bandwidht
i guess in preferences is possible set this
im not sure but maybe “Advanced settings”
connection limits DHT Limits?
But i really dont know how it works

I don’t really know about the things you could configure in the settings. I don’t know as well. The only two things I used in the settings in configuring the cache folder and disabling the VPN warnings. :sweat_smile:

PT don’t have download/upload speed limiting feature… because webtorrent (the bittorrent client in PT) don’t have one too.
So it will always use the max speed… (depending to peers)

This said, on windows there is the software netlimiter which can limit your dl/up speeds globally or per app. So, windows users are able to limit PT to what fit their need with it… (700kB/s should be enough for 1080p if i’m not wrong), but for macos and linux i don’t know if there are alternatives.

Yes, i have mac and i dont know how to set .
Anyway I really dont know if is about speed or just bandwidth issue.
but sometimes even if i pause a movie and go to research another subttitles outside PCorn
cannot do nothing cos dont have internet connectivity outside PCorn

If you pause a movie PT will continue to download to make sure your video stream is fluid. So if it is the issue you describe it seems logic that you can’t do something on internet. But well this issue is really weird.
Is your network speed / bandwidth limited or something?