Watched/Downloaded 1080p but Downloaded Video is 720p

Hey, I Watched and Downloaded a Video with Popcorn Time and I selected 1080p but upon inspecting the Video after Download it is 720p. Does anyone know why this is??

Maybe it’s an adaptation of the quality to fit your network speed to make sure you can always watch the video without getting a laggy video. I don’t know but I suppose.

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@snowcode that does make sense. Or maybe because 720p is better for my Computer/TV?? I have my Computer hook to my TV so I can watch on the big screen, lol. :sweat_smile:

Yes :smile: hope you’ll find out if the 1080p quality is important for you then! :crossed_fingers:

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@snowcode the thing is, I kinda just got into Torrenting recently. I’ve been Streaming for a while but just got into Torrenting because before it was off limits to me because no VPN. :sweat:

Then I hear about the Opera Browser, and that it has a Free Built In VPN. I quickly Downloaded it and started Torrenting. Then I found out it’s VPN only protects whatever is in your Opera Browser. I was like, “oh boy, I hope I don’t get into trouble!!” :open_mouth:

Then I found ZBIGZ (I can post the Link in a little while if you’re interested.) ZBIGZ is a Torrent Client that works entirely in your Browser (and it can work on Mobile too.) It’s very simple and easy to use. And I find that it’s even much faster than qBittorrent. And you can easily Upload your Torrents to Google Drive quickly. :sunglasses:

With ZBIGZ I was able to Download a CRACKED Version of Betternet VPN, (so I could use the Premium Version without paying.) Since the Opera VPN only works in the Browser, I needed a VPN for Popcorn Time. :clap:

But then I read the review of Betternet, and you know the rest. :sweat_smile:

WOW that’s a story! So you are telling me that you downloaded a torrenting client to download a VPN to protect you while you’re torrenting? :sweat_smile:

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Yeah, that’s the short of it, lol. :joy::rofl:

EDIT: Well, actually, you don’t have to Download ZBIGZ at all. It completely Online. :sunglasses:

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Ok, so on the new Version of Popcorn Time 1070p is blacked out and can’t even select it. I guess that shows my devices are not equipped for 1080p?? :thinking:

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