VPN message is annoying

Is there a way to remove the VPN message? I already have a VPN so it’s strange to get messages that I need one :slight_smile:

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It’s annoying af :frowning:
Please add an option to disable it!

Desktop version ? You can disable it on settings
Android We do not have any message please use the official version from https://popcorntime.app

Hi, it’s on Android (don’t use the desktop version). I downloaded the apk from your website, I wouldn’t know where else to download it! it’s on both the Android phone and Android TV. Screenshot_20200401-173320|250x500

I think I have the wrong app after all, it wasn’t version 2.9 as it says on your site. My apologies. I’m trying it now, let you know later if the topic can be closes.

Ok with the right app I don’t have the VPN message anymore and I can send the episodes to the tv. How can I close or delete this topoic?