Videos won't play after download

Hi there! Running popcorn time 0.4.4.

After downloading the full movie/episode, it’ll never start playing. Keeps stuck on the complete download screen (see attached). I also can’t see subtitles for series episodes.

Can someone help?


Can you access the logs? (CMD+0 on macOS), can you send a screenshot of these logs?

Downloads option is a bit buggy in 0.4.4.

You could try the latest Ci (Dev) Mac build:

Delete these three Popcorn-Time (support) folders and the popcorn-time file from your “user” Library, first!
(clean installs are best!)

~/Library/Application Support/Popcorn-Time
~/Library/Saved Application State/com.nw-builder.popcorn-time.savedState

(if you’ve done it correctly you should see “The Terms of Service” window when you eventually reboot?).

Not really familiar with logs, but I believe that’s it… If it doesn’t help let me know!

This worked. Thanks a lot.