Version i need to download, thats work.. 3.10 and update ot 4.4 doesnt work to me help me please out d to download, 3.10, and 4.4 doesnt wo

hai guys, can u help me with popcorntime, wich version i need to download, thats work… 3.10 and update to 4.4 doesnt work to me help me please out

Can you give more information about what is not working. What is the component that is not working.
If I understood properly, the version 3.10 ask you to update and the version 4.4 is not working.
But the 4.4 is working for me so there is another problem. What system are you using (Windows, macOS, Android, Linux, etc ?)

You can also try to get more information on the Subreddit r/popcorntime :

You can also cross post your issue over there.

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i use window 10, if i download 4.4, my pc said , it can run this app, see wich software provider it is. can u help me guide how to download 4.4…, i download 6.2, but it so slow and freeze, sometimes

Wait, what? You downloaded version 6.2? This version does not exist! Yes I can help you but can you tell me where you downloaded your 6.2 version? Tell me, like that I will be able to help you :slightly_smiling_face: :+1: