Version doesn't work on windows 7 32-bit


I was just wondering if anyone has a solution for me to get the PT app back working for me again.
I’m using an old laptop (I know…) windows 7 with 32-bit and the previous version 0.3.10 was working fine until lately. Obviously latest 4.4 version didn’t work for me as it’s not compatible with my machine.

any thoughts anyone?

Why do you say that?

i’ve got an error message after installing (forgot to screenshot) but the app wasn’t even launching :frowning:

Was it a clean install … you deleted all the old support files from 0.3.10 ?

erm…I think I have done an uninstall yes, but does deleting all files includes the files in the buffer folder?

I’m not a Windows user but I’d have said the whole PT folder:

and maybe give the latest Dev build a go?

hi…I’ve checked the path you gave me and couldn’t locate the file (this means it’s good? that I’ve cleared all the relevant files?)

Also installed the (Popcorn-Time-0.4.4-win32-Setup.exe) version and I’m just getting a black blank screen at the moment…

Did you get the the “Terms of Service” window when you first opened it?

i would think i have…yes?

You should know … you’d have had to accept them before continuing?

Delete the PT folder ( *%localappdata%\Popcorn-Time" ) again and reboot PT. Just to make sure?

tried that too, I realized I did click on the “I Agree” button.
And I have uninstalled and re-installed again and still getting the black screen :frowning: :pensive:

I’d only be guessing … I’ll leave 0.4.4 there! Maybe a PC (32bit) user will come along?

If you want to try and update your 0.3.10 , I’ll leave you with this instruction. It’s worked for some 64 bit users - maybe give it a try?
Delete old, Download new, Change a file, Delete a file (that’s it!)

I’m a Mac user … but here’s my best take on a PC instruction:

You obviously need an original 0.3.10 version of PT installed? … if you’ve been using 0.4.4 delete everything and start afresh? You should get the “Terms of Service” screen when PT is eventually rebooted?

If you need a 0.3.10 version of PT … you can fetch one from here:

However, the best build (#279) for Windows is not in repo/build/… but one of the ‘good guys’ has made links for it here:
I believe you can put this in the address bar: %localappdata%\Popcorn-Time … and it’ll take you to the 0.3.10 the folder (apps “package”).

I understand the long address better: C:\Users\YourUserNameHere\AppData\Local\Popcorn-Time\ … the “package contents” is within the Popcorn-Time folder.

So if you open: ‘node_modules’ > > you should see 2 files … patch the one called index.js.

Here’s a link for a pre-patched file: index.js (I’ve patched the API domain in the file).

Copy everything from the new file, delete everything in the old one and paste what you copied … close everything up. That’s it!
0.3.10 should now be updated?

On more thing:
When you boot the app - go to the PT ‘Settings’ window and untick the “activate auto updating” option … you might have to tick “show advanced options” at the top of the window first?
( but If the support/data folders are renewed for any reason (i.e after a crash!) … settings will revert to defaults (auto update again?)

if you want to guarantee! it won’t update - delete the ‘update.js’ file: from Popcorn-Time folder > src > app > ‘update.js’
(I believe you could just alter the name (add an “x” in front) … but I decided to go for broke!).

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you’re such a lifesaver! followed your instructions with some cross referencing to your previous notes in other post (All of a sudden 0.3.10-0 doesn't work anymore?) and it’s working for me now! thank you so much!

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That’s fantastic! …Well done!