Version 4.3 Widows critical bugs

here are some very critical bugs that i discovered while using version 4.3:

  • Opensubtitles API doesn’t fetch subtitles even though i am logged

    in console: 401 unauthorized
  • Can not exit the application if the “empty cache folder” is checked (error in deleting the downloaded folder currently used by popcorn time)

  • I have to click on “Watch now” button two times in order to watch (the first click throws an error cannot find folder 'folderName')

  • the favorite and watch list tabs doesn’t show the movie image

  • this one is esthetic: I don’t like the download button’s position, it should have some margins

after experiencing these bugs I directly went back to version 3.10. because i could not handle those bugs.
I hope that the development team correct them as soon as possible