Version 4.1 Windows bugs

The latest version has many bugs and the new interface is not user friendly. I had to downgrade to the previous version to be able to use it without issues.

One of the changes that I don’t appreciate is that you removed the subtitles dropdown menu. I often switch from Spanish to English and now I’m forced to go to the setting to change it instead of having the option to change it directly from the movie/show I’m watching.

The option to adjust (H and G) the subtitles is not working. In this version, the subtitles are off almost in every show and movie I want to watch, and though the app shows the time I’m adjusting, it doesn’t change them.

A lot of the subtitles just cut off, they disappear and then show up again after a few lines.

The covers don’t load so you can only see the name of the movie/show.

I lost all my favorites after I upgraded the version. It would be nice that we could create an account to make sure we don’t lose that information.

A new feature that would be very helpful to many is the option to change the size of the subtitles from the player so we could try the one that works best instead of having to go out to the setting and then go back in to try it.

I appreciate the service you offer, I think it’s great and I would pay for it if you charged to help you working on these fixes and new updates. Do you guys have a Patreon for this?

Where can I get the previous version? This version is full of bugs!!

The developers have yet to answer any of our posts so I must assume that they are quarantined with the flu or they made this version buggy so that people will look elsewhere… I second the motion that I would help fund this… too bad no one will answer…

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I still had it in my computer, but I think you can find it here

Thank you very much djdir!
Best regards.

Does anyone know why 4.1 is so crappy???

Does the 3.10 completely work? I downloaded it but it just hangs on the downloading screen for movies…

try the 32bit version all brother and sister

not working well on 32 too… crash for few minutes

Sorry for the delay on this, I didn’t get this notification in my email. 3.10 works wonders, I’m still using it and don’t plan to upgrade for a long time.