Version 4.1, 4 bugs

On version 4.1 for windows 10, if I try to do the inapp report it opens up behind the movie icons.
I would make a screenschot but you can barely see it.

Second, in this update the movies and series will often not load, anime loads everytime.
It’s anoying if you want to watch a movie and reopen popcorn-time 20 times.

Thirth, the settings often reset, I like to say it mustn’t delete the movies and download films to watch when I can’t acces the WI-FI (mother often blocks me). Since the last update however that often resets toghether with where it has to save the movies.

Forth, When I’m able to see the movies it says connecting and doesn’t do anything after that. I have waited for minutes but he never connects.

I would like to go back to the previous version until these bugs are fixed, if anyone knows where please let me know.
(sorry for my english it’s a second language)

I have just deleted and am reïnstalling the software, I hope that will help.

I cannot use the new version and the old version will not run… It will not load movies… and the few that do… do not save… so all that time is wasted… Not sure what is going on… did the developers just give up??? I need to find another software that works… anyone know of one???


Try to delete and redownload the newest version, worked for me

im the same had nothing but problems since they updated, wont load, crashes after 5 mins just turned it into utter trash

I tried that many times… it just goes to the loading screen and sits and spins for HOURS… I have given up and have gone to another software!