V03.10 for Windows - Will not load anything. Black screen with blue loading circle only

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Yeah finally its up now! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Server is down again? Anyone else having this problem again today?

I need to set the sorting to Trending for it to load tv shows and movies, then i can sort by the other options.

But other than that tv shows and movies work just fine here, running windows 10.

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I concur with our esteemed Leader (the little ninja). Everything loading.


It won’t load for me either

Just a black screen with the loading blue circle, I left it alone for about an hour to see if the app would eventually load but nothing happened, still black screen

Have you tried sorting by Trending first and see if loads then?

I can’t even see “Trending”, only a black screen :frowning:

Now I can see all that stuff above, switched to trending, still loading and no movies

Still having problems with PT not loading any content?

Yep, I had to uninstall it :confused: Nothing seemed to fix the issue. It all, began with the update, I downloaded it, installed de 4.4 version, it didn’t work, so I uninstalled that and installed the 3.10 version again, nothing, only the “update” notificacion in a corner, but won’t load anything

The 4.4 version only shows me a black screen and nothing else, by the way. No blue circle or anything

Update: I really don’t know what I did, but I downloaded the 4.4 version again, giving it the last chance and NOW it works

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“Abracadabra!” (works every time)

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i have the same probleme with the loading thing

Estoy con el problema en este preciso momento, al abrir popcorn en la PC solo aparece la pantalla en negro y el circulo azul como si estuviese cargando algo, probe mil veces abrir y cerrar y nada… reiniciar y tampoco, nadie sabe cual es la solución? hasta hace unos dias me andaba perfecto.

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I’m having the same problem. I downloaded the app yesterday and couldn’t make it work, just the black page with the blue loading circle. Today is the same.

Ya lo solucione, era una tonteria… hacer click derecho en el icono de PopCorn > Propiedades > Compatibilidad > ejecutar este programa en modo de compatibilidad para…
y probar cual nos funciona, probar con Windows 7 service pack 1 o el 2