V 4.4 - Windows 10 - Button to close application doesn't work


I have installed the latest version 4.4 for WIndows 10 Pro (version 1909). In both 32 and 64-bit versions the close button on the top-right corner of the application doesn’t work.
I can’t close Popcorn time after using it. Any hints?

it is their bug… and no subtitle too… use 3.10 version … i do share the fix working edition…

Thank you for the reply, cyberloner.

I installed version 3.10 but it doesn’t work with my Windows 10 Pro. It doesn’t show any movie.

Regarding version 4.4, if I install it from scratch, the subtitles work but if I install it as an update of an old version of popcorn, then the subtitles don’t work.

The close button don’t work regardless how I install the 4.4 version.