UBUNTU 18.04 Downloaded Directory

hi gusys, i’ve download a film but can’t find where the download directory is. Anyone can help me ?

(If your using Popcorntime.app?)

And if it’s the same as my Mac version. Open 'Settings" > tick “show advanced settings” > scroll down to 'Cache Directory" > the location address should be there (and clicking the folder icon should open the location)?

The cache directory is ‘/tmp/Popcorn-Time’ on Ubuntu; When you go on the settings like @merseyV said you can untick a box called ‘Clear tmp after closing the app’ if you want to keep your downloads, I recommend to untick this box.
Hope that this will help you! :crossed_fingers:

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Nice one! … I should leave these (Linux) things to you - but it looked simple? :laughing:

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