TV series and movies won't play

Hi, I’m new. I have successfully downloaded Popcorn Time but whatever TV series or movie that I have chosen to watch or download, nothing happens.

I did try the TV series “Fantasy Island” and the pilot ran ok but all the other seasons and episodes failed to play or download.

Any suggestions please? Thanks

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What version of Popcorntime - name/build number? Or where did you download it from?

What device/OS?

I have the same problem, I’m in Version 0.4.4 (0.4.4) on macOS catalina. But not in all movies, some of the newer ones will play normally
Nothing happens when I click on “play movie”, it won’t play movies or series

You actually click on a button(element) that’s called “play movie”?

Hi I have the same issue: I have downloaded the 0.4.4 version on my Mac (Mojave) and for a few weeks now, I cannot watch any series. Whether I click on the title, the download button or the watch now button, nothing happens. Can someone help me please?

Have you updated your copy (or has it auto updated in the last week). The app stopped working on the 14th April … I assume you/ it did?

And it works for movies?

You might as well try starting again! Delete these three Popcorn-Time (support) folders and the popcorn-time file from your user Library:

~/Library/Application Support/Popcorn-Time
~/Library/Saved Application State/com.nw-builder.popcorn-time.savedState

Bin your copy of 0.4.4 and download again from .

Version 0.4.4 . I have a Dell laptop with Windows 10. Downloaded from Popcorn Time site

You ran the pilot episode from season 1? Which other episodes in season 1 did you try?

No ther seasons/episodes ran

You actually tried all 14 episodes in season 1?

open console CMD+0 and try Watch now and then if there is an error share it here

I have deleted and downloaded again the app from several times w/o success.
I could not find any of the items you listed and which I should delete. I went into the system but could not find any…
I am desperate :frowning:
Any other idea?

You’re not looking in the right place: It’s not System Library - it’s User Library?

Open a spotlight search and enter ~/library

your help is much appreciated… if you couldn’t understand, I was referring to “Watch Now” button, hope you catch it this time,

Moving on, the issue is random, today the app was working as normal

OK! no problem. Just checking, as there’s another Popcorntime (not ours!) that has a “Play” button?

0.4.4 is a bit buggy (don’t use it myself at the moment) … some “odd” issues might be helped by a clean reboot (deleting the support folders) or even a clean reinstallation?

But as it’s settled down … I’ll leave it there for now!

So that works --thank you–, I was able to delete all supporting files and download again the app (version 4.0) but… it does not work either.
Whether an episode shows red or greenm when I click on it, nothing happens. :pleading_face: :tired_face:

Do the delete Popcorntime (support) folders/file again … and reboot your latest download. What is the first screen Popcorntime shows when it starts?

The T&Cs to accept

Still the same then? Your latest 0.4.4 not connecting if you try to play any movie or tv show?

Did 0.3.10 used to work before the old API domain issue broke things?

Yes, same… the older version worked fine and I thought of going back to it but cannot find it to download. Could you share? Thanks again for the support :pray: