Turn off the VPN Nag (I have my own!)

I fully appreciate the necessity of keeping users safe behind VPNs, but I have my own VPN (PIA) and I don’t go anywhere online without it.

So the constant nagging of the current version of Popcorn time (even after turning off “Safe Watch”) is not only irritating but frequently appears to block my attempts to “Watch Now”.

How do those of us who are already VPN protected turn off the nag?

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You can do it by going into the Settings > Advanced settings > Connection. In this section you have a box called ‘enable VPN’ you just need to untick the box to disable the warnings and stuff from PT.

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looks simple enough. Only problem is: that screen isn’t available on my version of popcorntime ( The settings options are limited to “Interface, Subtitles and Downloads”; no “Advanced” in sight.

Is there manual option (eg editing an .ini file?

Ok the problem is that your version is not supported here. It’s not the same software. It’s a copy. So if you want the official version of PT it’s available on https://popcorntime.app
The latest version of PT is 0.4.4.

I checked out that link when you posted it yesterday (on another thread). It didn’t include a Windoze option. Only Mac and Android.

Is there a known problem with the version I’m using? (Ironically a “pirate” version!)

Seems OK, if a little less functional than the PCT I was using. And, in case anyone is using the same version, the solution IS in settings. Remove the tick from the “Safe torrents watch via Safe Watch free app” (I had only removed the tick from “Alert me before downloading if my VPN is turned off”

I’m guessing the version I’ve got is an attempt at selling their VPN service because although “Safe Watch” is free, the service it accesses is not…

But given that (despite its obfuscation) it does appear to be optional and, if anything, slightly more reliable and stable than the previous version of PCT I was using, then, unless you alert me to some other threat to my privacy/security arising from the illicit version, I see no reason not to continue using it. However if there is a proper Windoze version of 0.4.4, I’ll probably switch back…