Tried everything but still not working after years of use

Help me please, the app suddenly stopped working, stuck at loading upon opening, I have the latest build from 15 days ago and I tried a fresh install and everything but nothing can make it work even disabling antivirus.
I’m pissed because that’s my baby, this app is part of my life, please help

PS: I just found out that I can’t play anything using magnet links :confused:

Which version of Popcorntime (name/build number) … or where did you download it from?

Which OS?

All of them, from version 3.10 to last version 4.4 Build #423, they all stuck in loading, after uninstalling and installing several times same problem, some of them says the api failed…

I’m using Windows 10

You patched 0.3.10 with the new API domain … wouldn’t work otherwise?

You deleted the old Popcorn-Time configuration folder … %LOCALAPPDATA%/Popcorn-Time … before you used build #423?

patched 0.3.10 with the new API domain, you mean replacing the index.js file with a new one from a newer version?

and yes I deleted all the folders related to PT before installing last build but no luck :confused:

If you patched the index.js file (and stopped it auto-updating) 0.3.10 should work? Likewise, even a clean install of build #423 should work … slightly buggy but seems to be working for Windows users?

Looks like the API connection might be blocked? Maybe change the DNS or try a VPN?

Try opening the Dev Tools (F12) and see what Errors are reported in the Console tab?

Just checking … I’m not a Windows user, but there’s only one config. folder?

Here is a screenshot

even with a vpn, still loading

About the config folder, I really don’t have any idea about how many, the patching of index.js I just find it on youtube

How did you delete the old Popcorn-Time folder then?

I use a tool called Revo Uninstaller which uninstall the program and after you scan for any folder or file related to the program and delete them. Am i wrong ?

No idea … can you manually delete the Popcorn-Time folder instead? We’d at least be sure then?
C:\Users\ “YourUserNameHere” \AppData\Local\ Popcorn-Time

… and try #423 again? Your screenshot was 0.3.10?

So basically deleting C:\Users\ “YourUserNameHere” \AppData\Local\ Popcorn-Time manually is like uninstalling it, so I made sure that the folder is deleted, I rebooted then installed #423 again but I got the same problem, even with a vpn

Back to a block then? … It’s the same with your VPN off?

As you can’t download using a magnet link (doesn’t require an API) … seems like something is blocking PT torrenting?

Yes, same with VPN off

Yes that’s what i thought something is blocking torrenting but I don’t know what exactly, I’m using Kaspersky as antivirus I did deactivate it and tried again but no luck, this is weird really

Can you download magnet links with a different (regular) torrent client?

Yes sir, i can with no problem only streaming has a problem

Can you do the Windows trick of going back to a previous system configuration … can’t remember what it’s called?

I can’t do that because i’ll lose large files that i need i can’t backup :confused: