This is probably why your favorite Movie or Show isn't working in Popcorn Time

Pardon me, but I’ve seen a lot of Posts of people saying they can’t Watch certain Movies or TV Series on Popcorn Time and I just thought I’d put a little explanation out there for anyone who sees it. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I think what some people don’t understand is that with these Streaming Apps not every single Movie, TV Series or Episode is going to play. There could be many reasons: Perhaps the Video you are trying to play isn’t actually available. :neutral_face:

Popcorn Time Streams its Videos from a few actual real Torrent Sites. In fact, Popcorn Time is Torrenting, thats why you need a VPN. :sweat_smile:

On these Torrent Sites there can be a lot of Bad Links. I mean that they just don’t work. Perhaps the Uploader did something wrong creating the Torrent and messed up the Files. Perhaps its just a dead Link. Also, you also have to understand that with Torrents, especially Video Torrents, the Availability of the Media, Stream Quality and Download Speed all comes down to how many Seeders (Watchers/Downloaders) are engaged with the same Object as you are, at the exact same time as you are. :sunglasses:

On Popcorn Time, we are all Sharing these Videos, literally. What I mean is while we are Watching a Video, it is Downloading on our Device, and we are actually helping others Watch that very same Video, because they might be Streaming/Downloading Parts of the Video that we have already Watched/Downloaded, directly from our Device. And other people are helping us simultaneously. We literally are all in this together. :wink:

Unfortunately, that means the Availability of everything that we watch on Popcorn Time basically comes down to the Popularity of that exact same Video. I’m not just talking about the Popularity of the Movie or TV Series in Question, but also the exact same Format of the Video. You might be trying to watch a new and popular Movie, like Avengers Endgame, in 1080P HD, and there is only a couple Seeders, so your Stream starts Buffering and stopping and then it starts again just to eventually lock completely up on you because everyone else gave up on watching it because they were experiencing the same problems as you. :sob:

But say then that exact same Movie, just in in a slightly lesser quality, the 720P HD, has a butt load of more people watching it because their Device can’t handle the higher HD, and so they all have a great Streaming experience. You see?? It all comes down to how Popular it is at the exact same time you are trying to watch it. :upside_down_face:

It also means that, as much as I’d like to, I can’t select some old Cartoon from like the 90’s, like the X-Men Animated Series, and fully expect it to work, because my Personal Taste on that isn’t as Mainstream as I’d like to think it is, lol. :joy:

I hope some people see this and realize, theres not really much our Good Friendos who work on this project can really do about any of our poor Streaming Experiences with any particular Video at all. It all comes down to us, the Viewers, as a whole Group. They don’t and cannot control that. I mean, what are they gonna do?? Bust into peoples houses and take whole Families Hostage at Gunpoint and force them to watch Various Videos to increase the Seed Ratio across the whole platform?? I really do think they have the Manpower for an endeavor like that, lol. :rofl: