Suggestion for a new button on app

Hi bunch of geeks from all around the world or in another words, pct team… :blush:
First and foremost, thank you for all you made possible for us… But because I have the utmost faith in you, today I came with a challenge… As a user I would love to have a share with device button, like in YouTube you have a button to transmit to the TV… I know you know what I mean… :wink: Once again thank you… :kissing_heart:

I think this option is already available for some Android devices.
Also if your TV is an Android TV, you can install PCT as well.
But it would be cool to get this feature on computer as well for sure. :smiley:

If you want you can create an issue on GitHub to propose your changes:

Oh I have in my phone and my computer, but never found this option… My TV is a smart TV but I don’t know about android… :grin: But a few weeks ago I tried to find popcorn and couldn’t… :blush: I’ll try it again… Thank you so much…