Suggested VPNs to use with Popcorn Time?

We all know we need a VPN when we Stream/Download Torrents, but I was wondering what kinds of VPNs other Popcorn Time users use with Popcorn Time specifically. :smile:

Currently I am using Betternet, but I read a review of it and it says Torrenting with it is, “Discouraged,” and that Betternet will comply with a Warrant for your information if requested. :open_mouth:

Basically all I’m looking for in a VPN is hiding my ISP and keeping my information SECRET so I can Torrent safely and anonymously. :sunglasses:

So please let me know what VPN(s) you use and suggest for Popcorn Time and just Torrenting in general. :smirk:

Also, Free VPNs or locations of working CRACKED Versions of paid VPNs is good since I’m working on a Fixed Income. :money_with_wings:

Thank you. :smile:

Be warned about free VPNs some are huge scams. Especially things like releasing your private information to the government if requested.

When you find a VPN, check if it allows torrenting in the features. Basically, I think that any VPN that allow torrenting with a nice speed is good to take (and of course respect your privacy)

I will not be the greatest help because I actually don’t use a VPN (even if I should)

But in free (warning!) these are the ones I used in the past with relative success:

  • Windscribe
  • TunnelBear
  • Some OpenVPN links that I cannot find again

The one that I know are good but paid are:

  • ExpressVPN
  • NordVPN

And that’s pretty much everything I know, sorry I can’t tell you more.

By the way, in what country do you live? Are you in a repressive country about these kinds of things?

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@snowcode thanks, that is helpful. Don’t sell yourself short. :grin:

I live in the good ol’ US of A my Friends. Where God pays attention. :joy:

:joy: I live in one of the smallest country in the earth (Belgium)

And according to the - the most dangerous place in the world after San Marino! (Deaths/ million population).

I’m washing all your posts in “Bleach!”

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Yes because we count any person who dies in a nursing home is declared as dead from coronavirus in the whole country so aging is counted as well in-case-of-we-dont-know.

And clearly the USA are really bad right now.

What’s a bit sad is that I know that some people in the world have tried to wash themselves with bleach :sweat_smile: WHY?

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Because Donald said it was good for you! … That, and shoving a sun lamp up your bum! :rofl:


But in free (warning!) these are the ones I used in the past with relative success:

  • Windscribe
  • TunnelBear
  • Some OpenVPN links that I cannot find again

Looked up those VPNS, and sadly the Free Versions do not have what I need. :frowning_face: :cry:

Windscribe Free only gives you 10GB a month. Not good for Torrenting, at all. :cold_sweat:

TunnelBear Free is even worse with only 500MB a month. :fearful:

OpenVPN’s Personal VPN Option would give me a 7 Day Free Trial, but when I Signed Up, it still wants your Credit Card Information. I don’t trust that, at all. If your gonna give me a Free Trial, you do NOT need my Payment Option until after the Trial ends AND I decide to Buy. Thats a NO GO. :angry:

And Searching my usual Torrent Sites and Torrent Searches, I couldn’t find any CRACKED Versions of these VPNS. :poop:

Really, the only reason I can use Betternet with Unlimited Data is because I found a CRACKED Version to give me Premium without paying. :dollar:

But thank you for trying my Friendo. :crazy_face:

No actually the OpenVPN I was talking about is a way to get VPN. For example you install it, then you paste the link and the login of a OpenVPN networks (there are a lot of OpenVPNs available online) I don’t know what you find lmao. The original software is free and opensource.

Be warned about cracked VPN the people who made these cracked version maybe (or probably) hidden something else in the code :wink:

I hope you’ll find what you’re looking for.

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Here are a few alternatives.
VPN integrated closely with the official popcorntime app., takes privacy seriously. Also a way to support PT and the people behind it. They pay everything from their own pockets and as we all know it’s not free to host servers and maintain code.

They have a free and a paid version. Off course the free VPN alternative has very limited features. The paid alternative is a very good alternative and take privacy seriously. Very recommended.

Opera VPN, free version available. Very limited if used with p2p traffic.

This are my recommendations and only reflect my personal meaning.


I have had a wonderful experience using Ivacy VPN for Popcorn time and if anyone in the market to buy VPN for popcorn time, then Ivacy it is!