Subtitles suddenly not working - shows Disabled

Thanks to MerseyV, I was able to patch version 3.1 on Win 7, 32 bit back in April - and all has been well until this week.

Suddenly this week, movies that had subtitles just a week ago, don’t. Not on my desktop - or my Android phone.

On the desktop, the caption bubble says Disabled, even though settings shows they are enabled in English. I’ve checked and double-checked, set and reset the language (always says Saved, with the checkmark) - but no go.

Any idea what could be causing this, or how to fix it?



Try and update to the latest dev build, get it here. There have been a lot of changes from version 0.3.1 to 0.4.4 (lots of things will not work anymore in v3.1).
You also need to have an account with and link it in the “advanced settings” tab, this is due to openesubtitles having changed their API.

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Sadly, 4.4 is 64 bit only! And as I stated, i have a 32 bit system.

As to opensubtitles, I’ve never had or needed an account there for my subtitles to pull from them just fine,

Thanks for the quick response.

If you click the link you will see that there is a win32bit setup for PCT (as there is a few for Linux and Mac), just click on the correct version you need.

As for the “opensubtitles” they have changed their API that PCT is using (and anyone that needs it) so that EVERYBODY needs to create an account to let “your” PCT be able to get the subtitle you want for the movie/serie/anime you like to watch.I never had an account there till PCT required it.

Ah… so they finally added a 32 bit version! I will keep that in mind.

Weirdly, i had to reboot my WIN HTPC this morning, and my subtitles were back! Ditto for my Android tablet and phone. Maybe there was a glitch for a few days for some reason?

If they go out again, I’ll upgrade and open an account with OS. Does the upgrade version still let you ‘heart’ favorites - and most especially - turn off auto upgrades?

Thanks for the help!

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As far I know there always was a 32bit version, at least on the dev builds pages (I don’t use the “main” page for download as it has a few bugs still).

It could have been that there was a server maintenance (at Opensubtitles) while you tried to watch PCT.
Favorited folder is still there and the option to turn off auto update is also still possible, a new feature is the VPN advert but that also can be turned off in the “advanced settings”.

I’m surprised that your 3.1 version still works as many links that are “fetching” the torrents have been closed down and replaced by new ones in version 4.4

Too bad I don’t have 2 pcs, so I could upgrade PCT on one of them to see if I like it. But if my patched 3.1 gives me hassles, I can always cast to the TV from my tablet or phone.