Stalling while streaming or downloading

I have been using popcorn time on my pc for some time now. Generally it works great. However, over the past few weeks I have been having problems (streaming and downloading; movies or TV shows). On my pc I click “watch now” (the only thing I can click). Anyway, lately I have been getting anywhere from 50% to maybe 80% downloaded and it stalls; does this like 80% of the time. Anyone know why this is and what I can do about it?

Which version … name/build number? Or where did you download it from?

If your using the 0.4.4 version from the ( website? just delete everything (incl. the support folders in AppData) … and try the latest Jenkins (Dev) build:

Thanks for the quick reply. I am using version Can’t remember exactly where I downloaded it from . . . probably (I see that has version . . . With this in mind, should I still delete everything and start over (as per the link you provided)?

You’re not using our version … I was half expecting that.

If you need help with your version, best try on their own forum: just Google “ forum”. (I just can’t bring myself to make the hyperlink!)

Your welcome to try ours ( … but we have an issue at the moment with movies API not updating (we have to workaround it).

However, if you just delete what you have and reinstall .is again … might just do the trick?

Thanks. I will give it a shot for now. Once yours is up and running properly, I will use it. Thanks again.

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It’s “up and running” now:

You just need to copy this API: … and edit/paste it into the “Custom Movies Server” address box - in the ‘Settings’ window. And then hit the “Restart” button.