Sort by subtitle languages

We need a new category in the “sort by” topic. Sorting by subtitle languages. I would like that just those movies appears in the search, which has subtitles in my preferred language.

In the latest dev build the chosen subtitle language in the settings will appear in the movie screen. In the series it already did this automatic.

I have the 0.4.4 version. I can choose the default subtitle language in the settings, but in the series ALL the movies appearing, not just the movies with the desired subtitle language. So when I search, I get also movies which has not the desired subtitle language.

I’m not sure if it’s possible as the subtitles are from a 3rd party website (
I think it will be to demanding for the program/software to get something like this implemented as there are 1000’s of movies/series.

Must to bond with the opensubtitles. It will for sure improve the usability of popcorn time. The user will become just the relevant results of the search.

if you want a feature like that then you might have to ask the devs on github for this. I doubt it will be accepted but if you dont try you dont know.

I don’t think it will happen. Actually the movies list is given by popcorn-api by scrapping YTS, there isn’t subtitles lists in results… PT just request opensubtitles api for subtitles when you click a movie cover, else it don’t know which subtitles are availlable… why ?.. i guess because subtitles on opensubtitles come and go… if you want to keep an index about all subtitles for each movies you will have to request or scrap opensubtiles often and i’m not sure they will allow that… there are already limitations to their api. If PT team would have hosted the subs themselves eventually it would have be easier but on a legal point of view it’s probably better to no host subs.

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