Something is wrong

  1. When I try to watch Stranger Things Season 2, It won’t work when I press play, I also got VLC for downloaded tv shows. It also has this red, orange and green little circle there, what’s that about?
  2. When I go to download Stranger Things, the download doesn’t show or it just doesn’t download, please help!
  1. Just to be sure, can you give the version as well as your current OS?
  2. Does it work for other film than this one or have you only tried Stranger Things?
  3. About the red orange and green little circle, I think you are talking about the torrent’s status:

Green: Status is OK, you can watch the film and the download is going to be fast.
Orange: There are a bit of jam in the torrent, some people want it, you can watch the film but maybe the download will be slower.
Red: There are a lot of people wanting to download this film, the download is going to be very slow.
Grey: Status unknown.