Series/Season can't be downloaded for some

How can I download an entire season in one go?

I unintentionally did it for Breaking Bad S01 but couldn’t do it for Good Doctor and Legacies [randomly picked the latter two to check if I could do the same with the former].

Which version of Popcorntime are you using: name/ version number? … or where did you download it from?

On what device/ OS?


Clicked on: Popcorn Time Android
App Version:
Device: Android Huawei Nova 2i
OS: EMUI/Android 8.0.0

Not sure if that’s the OS you’re asking.

Addendum: Forgot to mention, I only see the entire season that was downloaded in my uTorrent app but not inside the Popcorn Time app.

I didn’t realize I still had uTorrent until it prompted on the status bar.

Sorry, you’ve landed in the wrong place? That’s not our version … This forum supports the eponymous

Best go to your apps own forum for specific help … here’s their link

Oh. Apologies. Thanks.