Series is missing on a laptop but not on the phone?

On my laptop Popcorn does not have the series “Little house on the pairie” but on my phone I can watch all episodes. Anyone got an answer for this mystery?

I’m having the same problem. On my phone I can watch Money Heist series, but on PC there’s 0 results search for it, even seraching for the original name “La Casa de Papel”

I think you’re both using two different versions of Popcorntime.

“Money Heist” and “La Casa …” are not available on the PC/laptop app. Our phone versions (as far as I know) use the same API ( - so you must be using another app on them?

I usually copy/paste my own torrent magnet links (esp. season torrents) into PT. Or I can use the ‘Torrent Collection’ search within the 0.3.10 app:


So is there an popcorn time app for phones? Is there anywhere directions on how to download it?

For Android, yes … I’ve never used it, though. No idea how well it works?

okay, I have iphone so I couldn’t use it either way. Thanks anyways.