Select player when playing downloaded file

Is there a way to choose the player (I like to play on my samsung TV from macOS) when playing a “downloaded” movie?

Only if the player is recognised by PT.

If the TV supports standard DNLA (like my LG) it will show up in the watch now menu (video playback controls are very limited though).

Chromecast dongles (excl. most propriety in-built CC) usually show up … and can also be accessed through the VLC app.

The Airplay (MacTV) device is showing - but the PT app hasn’t been updated to work with it. (ATV3 used to work with 0.3.10, though).

Some alternative media players also show up (Computer playback).

There’s also a workarounds using the downloading file … but that’s not as neat?

How are you doing this??

Thanks for your answer.

My question is : is it possible, for downloaded movies, to play them on TV (as for the files that are downloading while watching) ?


If I’m reading you right: You want to play “downloaded” movies you’ve saved back through Popcorntime … because that’s the only way you can stream to your TV?

As far as I know - the “Watch Now” pop-up options are only available when you go through the usual routine? Only difference (might be) if you saved the Cache Folder in it’s default location after closing (instead of the default clear Cache folder). Then PT will recognise the completed file and stream it with your preferred watch option without downloading again? Not sure if it’s still going to seed though?

(but if PT happened to crash, there’s a chance it might delete your Cache on reboot - you’d lose the lot).

Or am I misreading your question?

Thanks MerseyV

You got it right : I want to play “downloaded” movies I’ve saved back through Popcorntime (Because my internet connexion is slow, and I like to pre-download the movie so the experience while watching it is then fluid).

As you seem to say “the “Watch Now” pop-up options, that allow to show to play on TV, are only available when you go through the usual routine”. This answers my question.

The workaround consisting in saving the Cache Folder seems ok. I’ll try it.

In the meantime, it would be a cool feature to allow the Watch Now pop up options to be avail for “saved” movies, wouldn’t it?


Yes it would - but I’m not going to be the one to tell the Devs … I’ll let you ask them!

Post it in the “Request Feature” category … but don’t hold your breath! :laughing:

ok thank you !
I’ll ask them :wink:

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