Seedobx screen on windows

hi guys, as of today i can no longer get into the seedbox tab on the windows version. i can see the items i select to download are being actually downloaded but i can not see the progress so have no idea when i can actually watch them. is this a known issue?

Sorry but I don’t understand. What is the seedbox?

its the tab where you can see your active downloads… it won’t load when i try to click on it. i have restarted my computer, i have opened and closed the app a number of times… i have even tried a resinstall and nothing seems to work…

I cannot help you on this point I got the inverse. The progress bar but nothing more. The downloads never finishes and I need to take them into the cache. Sorry, but I know others here will be able to help you. :crossed_fingers:

no worries. thanks for the attempt. i know its weird. my last idea is to fully uninstall it and resintall it from scratch…

Yep! … the whole “Download” thing is buggy! … just use the old “Watch Now” option until it’s fixed? Or use the magnet links and your default torrent client if your downloading for later?