Real housewives of Atlanta

What does it mean when a tv show won’t download? I’ve even tried other sites online. Do you think they got caught streaming illegally?

If you’re talking about “Real Housewives”, in particular? … it’ll be because the torrents are not supported (dead or dying). To download torrents you must have seeders (those who will hold a copy of the file and are willing to share it - on demand!).

Older tv shows (and dare I say - “less popular”) lose seeders over time: some quicker than others? I don’t think any season except the latest is going to play in the Popcorntime app?

Why does Popcorntime show torrents with no seeds? … sorry, not sure I can give you a cogent answer to that one!

This is due that the API is showing (in Popcorn Time or who ever is using the API) what it’s been given from a database.
The site(s) that control these databases never “purge” their old/dead files hence the “dead” links.
I think this is the best way to explain the “why”.

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I tend to take such things for granted … bad habit?

A better “composition” would have posited: Why do dead torrents still exist? Either way, it was intended to be rhetorical … that fell flat (lol).

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