Problem Playing/Closing

Win 7, 32-bit, Pocorn version 4.4.0 for 32-bit.

Thanks to MerseyV (and his amazing patience with a newbie), I was able to move from the old server/problematic 3.10 to this version. When I did a clean install with T&C page, and the program loaded, i thought all was well and closed it.

Returned today to waych a series.

  1. Can save movies to favorites - but not a series.
  2. When I click Watch Now it starts downloading, not buffering and then playing - as is happening correctly on my Android tablet and phone, v 2.10 - though neither lets you save favorites.
    The desktop version is also slow as molasses, though it’s an HTPC with super fast processor, and great ISP speeds. Previous version took seconds to buffer and play.
  3. The “download” stops after a minute - but when I try hit stop and then try to close the program it won’t. I have to run task manager each time.

Is there some setting I need to click or unclick? Is the whole version buggy? Should I do a full uninstall and then a new one?

Does anyone have a new server/working 3.10 windows app for 32-bit to go back to that version?

Any and all help will be very appreciated.


I think your still confused … a bit?

After quite a few posts/ replies you got your 0.4.4 version working (sort of) by deleting the support folders?

But my recommendation was (and would be) … go back to a patched version of 0.3.10 (until they fix the bugs in 0.4.4?

Nice to hear from you again. :smiley:

you got your 0.4.4 version working (sort of) by deleting the support folders?

Never had to delete folders. I fully uninstalled 3.10, rebooted, then did a clean install of 4.4 - and got the T&C screen. You said i didn’t need to delete any folders (there weren’t any left anyway; I checked before new install) if that was the case.

Problem is, I didn’t try watching anything. Saw it opened, and was connected to new server, so I closed it. Didn’t try watching anything till today.

But my recommendation was (and would be) … go back to a patched version of 0.3.10 (until they fix the bugs in 0.4.4

Happy to. But… How? Where do I find a 3.10 version for 32-bit that goes to the new server? I’ve searched for it online and couldn’t find it. I’ve saved my original install of it, but as you know, it won’t go to the new server and just spins.

If you patch your original version (that you kept) it will work. We did go through all this before?
(If you were a Mac user … I’d give you a copy. Unfortunately this is all I can do!)

I wrote this instruction for a Windows user on the subreddit. (he got it working).
(you want #279 for windows - bottom link?)


I’m a Mac user … but here’s my attempt at patching the API for Windows 0.3.10 .

(you obviously need an “unmolested” 0.3.10 version of PT installed? … if you’ve been using 0.4.4 delete everything and start afresh?)

I believe you can put this in the address bar: %localappdata%\Popcorn-Time … and it’ll take you to the 0.3.10 the folder (apps “package”).

I understand the long address better: C:\Users\YourUserNameHere\AppData\Local\Popcorn-Time\ … what I’d call the “package contents” is within the Popcorn-Time folder.

So if you open: ‘node_modules’ > > you should see 2 files … swap the one called index.js.

Here’s the link for the replacement index.js file ( I’ve updated it with the new API domain).

Copy everything from the new file, delete everything in the old one and paste what you copied … close everything up. That’s it!
0.3.10 should now be updated?

On more thing:
When you boot the app - go to the PT ‘Settings’ window and untick the “activate auto updating” option … you might have to tick “show advanced options” at the top of the window first?
( but If the support/data folders are renewed for any reason (i.e after a crash!) … settings will revert to defaults (auto update again?)

if you want a “belt and braces” option, you need to delete the ‘update.js’ file: open src > app > “it’s here”
(I believe you could just alter the name (add an “x” in front) … but I decided to go for overkill, myself).

If needing a new 0.3.10 version of PT … you can fetch one from here: ** **

The best build (#279) for Windows is not in repo/build/ though … but one of the ‘good guys’ has made links for it here:

Okay. Never ‘messed’ with 4.4 - just did a clean install,. Never even teied to use it tii today.

I followed the reddit link to #279. Fourth down, win 32-bit. Downloaded it.

Just above the four choices was a Patch.rar for 3.10 dated this month. Downloaded that too - though I don’t know how to open it, use it, or if I need it.

So, should i do a complete uninstall of 4.4, reboot, then do a clean install of #279?

Will that fix the problem or do I need to somehow open and apply that patch?

Once again I thank you for your help. I hope I don’t need to try and find/mess with that index.js. I don’t even understand what “window address bar” you mean to look for ir. :blush:

You read the post … why would you ask that? It’s all there … I don’ know how to explain it any other way?

C:\Users\YourUserNameHere\AppData\Local\Popcorn-Time\ … it’s inside Popcorn-Time folder?

If you don’t change the index.js - you can’t run 0.3.10? You’ll have to wait for someone to give you a copy?

You read the post … why would you ask that?

I didn’t ask it as a question. I just said I hope I don’t have to do it, afraid I’ll blow up the computer.

Sometimes what seems simple and basic to someone seems like a terrifying problem to someone else. I’m a really good baker - been doing it for half a century. I can whip up a pie or loaf of bread in my sleep - but believe me, for people who have never made a pie or kneaded dough - it can seem beyond them.

It’s all there … I don’ know how to explain it any other way.

Your explanation is clear, and I followed your link to get the index.js and will attempt to use it. I was just hoping that new Patch that’s connected to the #279 would fix the problem. Can’t imagine why else anyone would upload it there and call it a patch.

Either the app will work - or it won’t, after you “exchange” the index.js file in #279. If it doesn’t “rise”… you probably messed up the “yeast” (but your oven’s not going to blow up)?

Making bread/pies would be a good analogy if you were creating the app from scratch, but it’s more like substituting a few lines of instruction in the recipe (use a different yeast).

The new patch is connected (needs applying) to any version of 0.3.10 … #279 is just the best build (version) of the same? The patch contains an address where your movies and shows are … no one lives at the old address anymore? Hollywood shut it down!

If you were a Mac baker - I could have sent you a “tasty” pie (I made earlier!)

If you were a Mac baker - I could have sent you a “tasty” pie (I made earlier!)


Done! Thank you, thsnk you, thank you!

It took me a while to figure out I couldn’t just ‘paste’ the file, but had to open, copy and paste the text into the original index.js file - but I got there. And no computervwas harmed in the process.

However, before I even did that I opened the program and dashed to settings to turn off Update - but the program beat me to it, and I got the 4.4 Downloaded and ready to install nag. Canceled and turned off the setting, then did the fix.

The Update setting is still off, but the nag screen is still there. Clearly the file downloaded somewhere on my computer - but where? Any idea where to look? Or what to look for?

In any event, you have been the best, and I appreciate it.


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Tricky! I’ve never had the update affect my app so quickly? Only sure method would be to “start again!” but this time do the belt and braces option I mentioned … but straight after the patch (and before you reboot the PT app)?

I’ve a suspicion it has changed a line of code in the app itself (it can do that to itself sometimes) from false to true (off/on). So now it says show the update notice (not sure).

Leave that with me for now - if you can work around the “nag screen” … I’ll get back to you tomorrow.

Found its hidey hole - but I don’t know how to kill it.

Went to settings, to make sure Update was unchecked. While there I noticed where the cache was kept. Had a hunch.

Went to Users > local > temp. Scrolled to the bottom of all the folders and files - - and there it was: Update.exe (properties: Popcorn 4.4 installer). Date: today. Time, when I first installed 3.10 this afternoon.

Deleted it. Opened the program. Took a few minutes, but the nag screen returned. Closed program, went back to the files - and there it was again, only with the current time stamp.

Won’t let me rename it or compress it. Deleting is useless - it rises from the dead.

I know you’re a Mac user, but surely there’s some way, program or app to let Window’s users throttle it in a way it can’t overcome.

Sneaky folk who added that.

“temp” folder is what it says … temporary!. It is (or should be) deleted when you close PT and a fresh one opened next time iyou boot PT. It only holds files/data that it’s using or needs for that session? It’s created by the app itself?

I never get any update attempt or notice … at the same time I patched (index.js) my copy of PT #293 - I deleted the update.js file.
You could try deleting it (update.js) now? I’m just not sure it works after the update has been activated?

to delete the ‘update.js’ file: open src > app > “it’s here”

Is that in the same folder as the index.js file?

Open the Popcorn-Time folder again (where you found the 'Node Modules" folder last time)? You will see the ‘src’ folder on the same level (look at the screenshot I posted of the files and folders in the Popcorn-Time folder)?

Found and killed it, thanks! Seems to have worked.

This version is also acting a bit strangely, though. It won’t allow me to put more than 4 shows/movies in my favorites list - and after I view the list and try to go back to the full list the screen goes black. Have to close and reopen.

Should I uninstall, reinstall, change the index.js, delete the updater.js - and then boot up - or is this a different kind of problem?

Not sure … I don’t use favourites but when I’ve messed around with it - I can’t remember any issues.

Probably takes me less than 10 minutes to start again from scratch (and I have a couple of other patches to apply). It gets quicker with practice!

Edit: If you’ve got nothing to lose? … go to settings and scroll to the bottom. Press “flush all databases” (see if that does it?).

Flushing the databases seems to have done it - much thsnks. What a saga this has been, but I couldnt6have gotten through it without your help.

Here’s hoping you can finally sit down (put your feet up) and enjoy a show! … Maybe a glass of something to ease your labours?

I’ll get back to my kneeding dough!!!

Was finally able to finish watching Belgravia (okay, but not anyehere as good as Downton Abbey) - with feet up, a lovely cup of tea, and a homemade chocolate chip, brown butter cookie. :slight_smile: : :hugs:

And now, off to make some bagels…