PopCornTime for Raspberry Pi

As Raspberry Pi, specially de 3 or 4 versions, is a very used device and a lot of them run Raspbian (debian), Ubuntu ARM, Manjaro ARM, we could have a version of PopCornTime for these distros. Raspbian is 32 bits and the others 64 bits.

As we already have Linux versions of PopCornTime, maybe it’s not so difficult to implement. If PopCornTime video engine doesn’t work fine, link it to omxplayer or mpv.

What do you think?

I can’t tell you like that but I know there is a very old topic on Reddit about that: https://www.reddit.com/r/PopCornTime/comments/3ydx17/popcorn_time_on_raspberry_pi/

Maybe it will help for now, but I’m not a PT dev, so I can’t help you more (I have Linux but not Rpi :sweat_smile:)

I second this, I would love to see PopcornTime for the RP!

What is needed to get the ARMv7 architecture supported, Is NW.js the culprit?