Popcorn time player won't stream (on Sierra or Catalina)


I have two machines, one running Sierra and the other Catalina.
I just finished a clean install of 0.4.4 on both as per below:

Deleted every reference to popcorn-time within:
~/Library/Application Support/
~/Library/Saved Application State/

and downloaded the latest build for 0.4.4

Although things seem to work ok, neither option for a player (popcorn time/VLC) seems to stream the video as it’s downloading (at all?). The torrent downloads fine and if you locate the file on $TMPDIR/Popcorn-time/ you can stream it before it finishes the download but at this stage popcorn-time works pretty much like a torrent client that downloads the file in its temporal order for me.

Additionally, if I cancel the download half-way it never seems to resume (which used to not be the case in the oldest version - once you started watching something it downloaded the whole thing at $TMPDIR/Popcorn-time/

Any ideas how to fix this?

In response to my own message, I re-did this and somehow managed to get the player to work. Now the issue is that the player would only play the first thing you click on (irrespective of the fact it downloads something else).

So, for instance, if I open PT and ask it to play star wars, then stop star wars and click on a different film, it will always play starwars irrespective of what film I click on (but it would still download the new torrent I click on). That’s irrespective of weather I play with PT or VLC.

The issue with PT not being able to pick up the half-downloaded film from where it was paused remains.