Popcorn Time on Fire Cube?

I currently have Popcorn Time sideloaded on my Firestick, where it works well.

Prime Day is coming up, and I’m thinking of trading it in for the Fire Cube - more download space.

I called Fire TV tech help to ask how to transfer my installed apps over - and was told all the Appstore apps would transfer automatically. But NOT my sideloaded apps.

I said no problem - I’d just reinstall them, but was warned the Cube OS is different than the Stick OS - and some apps might not work.

I figured before buying, I should ask the folks here: anyone have popcorn working on a Fire Cube? And maybe HBO Max? They’re the only two sideloads I really care about.

Thanks for the help!


I’ve never used Android version myself … OSX user.

Your best chance of an answer (it’s pretty deserted here these days!) is:

Try our Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/PopCornTime/

or maybe: https://www.reddit.com/r/fireTV/

Thanks (as always) merseyV! I’ll check both sites out.

Do you have a link to the firetv popcorn time apk? I found the one I’m using on Troypoint - but their site no linger has it. I wonder why.

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Any Android apk’s will be on the Popcorntime.app download page … or there’s the Dev builds on ‘Jenkins’,

I’ve no idea what version Troypoint was linking to … it may well have been a different version (not ours?).

I’m not sure the android tv apk there will work on the firestick, but I’ll give it a try on my existing firestick now. If it works, it should hopefully work on the cube as well.

Thank you, and have a lovely weekend.