Popcorn time NO SUBTITLE

in all movies he can’t find any subtitle …
(it work fine until yesterday.)
I connected to open subtitle on popcorn time

yes I know there are maybe permissions issues with opensubtitles.org
So you can go into the settings and connect with an account from this website and maybe it will work. But I’m too lazy for that so I do the following:

If anybody needs a fast answer to get subtitles this is a quick guide:

  1. Go on opensubtitles.org
  2. Search the movie and click on the right subtitle track
  3. Download it and unpack the folder
  4. In PT you click on custom in the subtitle menu and select the file you’ve unpacked
  5. Watch your movie, everything should be good.

It’s not a long-term solution just if you are too lazy to do anything else.
I actually don’t remember ever seen subtitles in PT so that’s what I do.