Popcorn Time 4.4 stuck on loading (Linux Mint 64-bit)

Hi, today I am facing problem with PT that cannot load movie list.

First of all - yesterday I was using PT 3.10 (patched with new API’s in index.js) and everything was working as it should be.
Today it didn’t load anything. So I removed Popcorn Time 3.10 from /opt, PT folder from ./cache and PT folder from ./config, with that being done - continued to install the newest PT 4.4

Sadly the issue still exists and I cannot load any movies/series/anime list…


First of all - I know nothing about Linux (Mac user). But the Linux users are pretty clued up usually …
so I’ll not be trying to teach my Granny to suck eggs?

Just a few observations?
If you’re patched version was working, only yesterday - it should be working today? I updated my 0.3.10 #293 build a couple of days ago … API still working?

I can only (humbly) suggest your app’s tried to update itself and caused your current plight. I’ve no idea how Linux app architecture compares to the Mac and Windows … we’ve decided to delete the updater.js file to block any auto-update (though I’ve been told changing the file name is enough).

That’s about it from me, short and sweet! … if you want some real Linux help: grab Promethei08 on the subreddit (he’s definitely your Linux go-to!)

How did you access this panel. I thought it was CTRL+SHIFT+I but it’s not, I am curious :slightly_smiling_face:

Exactly, if yesterday 3.10 was working fine, then it should work today aswell.

I will try one more time to reinstall 3.10 with patched API’s and will remove updater.js - maybe it will help someway, however I really doubt.

What’s more - it still looks like there is a problem with response from API. Neither disabling firewall nor removing custom hosts helped :frowning:

I just pressed F12 :slight_smile:

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I’m not going to argue with a Linux user … :upside_down_face:

Only mentioned it because your symptoms are similar to other PC/Mac posts … obviously it doesn’t follow the cause is the same?

Promethei08 is still your best bet!

By the way: Welcome you’re a few from the Linux community here xD I feel a bit alone when I search for ‘linux’ on this forum :sweat_smile:

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Okay, so now I am really nervous.

My ISP blocked Popcorn Time API’s… I realized when connected to my phone career internet connection and PT started working perfectly fine.

I sent new lease request through my router and now everything works!

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Nice detective work!

I knew I was surplus to requirements? … Think I’ll stick to the Macs! :laughing:

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Thank you for your help :heart_eyes:
For me it was a tough problem to solve, but finally managed to do so :stuck_out_tongue:

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