Popcorn Time 3.10 Fixed

Fixed edition install and watch movie… stop busy with version 4…
subtitle working… no more memory eatting and cannot close…
Silent Install with api patch included…
Auto update disable.

20 May 2020 - Fixed Anime picture display.


… From CyberMania

Can you give the source as well or give other installers for other systems?

Awesome, thanks a lot! Is it compatible with Catalina?

I don’t think so, it’s only for Windows as I see on the Reddit post.

You already have the 0.3.10 version? You actually have the better build (#293)?

sorry never mac here… hope someone can help you

I loved this version. Can you send me patched version for windows?

Sorry (Mac user), I can give you a link for 0.3.10 #279 and the patch … but you’d have to do it yourself?

You need to understand how to manually delete the original Popcorn-Time config. folder from:
C:\Users\ “YourUserNameHere” \AppData\Local\ Popcorn-Time … and replace files in the new config.folder (created when you download #279) with the patch?

The question is - “are you up to it?”

No probelm. Thank you!

I already deleted those files from that folder.

Yeah ofcourse I am up for it :). Thanks for your help.

You asked for it!

Win64 0.3.10 #279https://gofile.io/d/woBJDb

Combi-patch: https://gofile.io/d/duPQBj

Delete old Popcorn-Time config. folder … copy/paste node-modules and src folders into new Popcorn-Time config. folder - accept replace all files…

(includes: new API, auto-update, torrent collection search and Anime cover patch).

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Awesome! Thanks it’s working :).

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Great! Thanks for letting us know (first time I’ve put those patches together). You were my PC “guinea pig!”.
… couldn’t test it myself.

all 4.4 users please download and try this version instead…