Popcorn sound not working via HDMI

So, like i said in title. My HDMI cable working good, i can play youtube, music and browser movies on tv from laptop via HDMI cable, but when i play popcorn time movie, suddenly sound is playing on laptop and not on tv. So, pls help.

Mac or PC? And which version of Popcorntime: name/build number (partly because I need 20 characters in order to reply!)

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its PC. I dont know where to see popcorn time version… :stuck_out_tongue: in properties it says popcorntime.lnk

I don’t think that’s going to matter for my next question. Why can’t you pick the hdmi option manually in your system sound output settings … doesn’t it show up?

I’m slightly vague about PC sound options because I use a Mac!

well, everything is ok with hdmi and lapotop and tv connection. Just, i have to download movie from popcorn and play it in BS player or other player if i want to hear sound on tv. But, when i play movie on popcorn, i dont have sound on tv, but i have sound on laptop. Games, browser etc. sounds work great on tv. Only in popcorn i dont have sound on tv, only laptop…

i have win 8, so, how to go in sound output and what to do there

Sorry, I’m a Mac user … I thought you’d know how you choose sound output in your PC?

If you hear it on the laptop … then you should be able to choose the sound output in your laptop? For me (on a Mac) all my options are selected from the sound icon?

If I remember right, you have a sound icon in your desktop task bar. Try right-click on that and see if it gives you playback options/devices connected to your laptop (hdmi should be there … if it’s connected).
Make it the default?

Did you found any solution? I have the same trouble (but I’m in Pop_OS).
Everything else works great on HDMI