Popcorn Apple TV not working

Hey does anyone knows when the be Apple TV version will be realized? because every time I try to use it it says known error, not server founded

Sorry Emiliano: this Forum supports the Popcorntime.app version. It doesn’t have an iOS (Apple TV) version?

You never mentioned which of the ipa packages you’re using … but I’ll take a punt and direct you to this GitHub for help?

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Hey!!! I didn’t know it existed! Is it the same team as PT-desktop?

No, it was a separate fork based originally on the Popcorntime.sh app. They were separate … but were promoted and respected on the subreddit?

They tend to stick with their GitHub these days … so best place to look for definitive answers!

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Cool! It’s nice that they kept the open-source side of PT. :smile:

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Not working for me on android as well :frowning:

Android TV is probably completely different from Apple TV. Maybe create another issue for this.

Hi I recently noticed that the popcorn app doesn’t work I own an Apple TV 4K and an Apple TV 4 generation.on both models The application does not want to work I tried with an older version of the application I was also denied It shows me that the server UNKNOWN ERROR

Are you talking about installing PT.app on the Apple TV? … We don’t have an iOS version?

If you’re talking about PopcornTimeTV - you need to ask on their GitHub (linked above in this thread)?