Popcorn 4.4 - Subtitles

In version 4.4, the subtitles appear in PC, but not when stream them to VLC or SmartTV

Subs have always been a bugbear, but if you’ve got it working in PC - you’re doing ok!

I’ve known subs to be a bit hit or miss in VLC with Popcorntime.sh 0.3.10 . However if the subs file was downloaded alongside the torrent file, it used to work!

Subs on smartTV is usually down to how the TV dealt with the format/stream. My LG used to pick them up.

There’s been some kind of change with subs in todays build - which should be available on the official download page… Maybe give it a go? (see edit 2 from my amigo yiannis309).

Muchas gracias. Un cordial saludo


It´s normal for me to not load subs,when watching from popcorn time stream?I never got this problem at 4.3 until now.

@merseyV said in other posts that the 4.4 has a pack of weird bugs sometimes. But for these subtitles I know that I had a lot of problems with these in the past versions, you’ve maybe been lucky. It was authentications issues with OpenSubtitles for me.
What I was doing is that I was downloading the subtitles from OpenSubtitles and then add them to OBS or PT.