Nothing loads or works

When I click watch or download, nothing happens. When i click watch it just says connecting and never changes.I have pasted the images from the error console. there are 5 errors and one warning in the console, I can only post one image as I am a new user. The other errors are al the same code as the bottom error in the picture. Please can someone help resolve this?

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Can someone answer this. Thanks

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@ajh did you check the, “Health,” of the Video in question for Seeders?? :thinking:

If there are no Seeders, the Video will not Play or Download. :sweat_smile:

@ajh you’re right!! Even Videos with, “Good Health,” are not loading. :scream: :sob:

Maybe Popcorn Time is down for some reason?? :thinking:

I made my own Topic because even the Option to Select Videos wasn’t loading, at first. But then they did load, so I Deleted my Topic. But now, even when I selected a Movies with, “Good Health,” with 15 Seeders, the, “Watch Now,” button didn’t do anything. :cold_sweat:

But it must be working for some people, otherwise there couldn’t be any Seeders… so I dunno whats going on. :sweat_smile:

Hopefully someone will come along and give us the low down. :wink:

Update to last version from what i see you are using the old API

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@teampct there is a new Version already?? :open_mouth:

I just Downloaded the Latest Version a couple days ago!! :thinking: