no source opera soap in app

Hi there, I appeal to you because when I want to watch soap operas in the app such as a series called Rebel Angel, Ugly Betty, clase 406 and more … Because of what I enter into one of the series I mentioned, I have no sources of streaming and it does not let watch so I wanted to know if you can Yes add from streaming channel for soap operas in this app, I would love it a great app I enjoy it but sucks that you can’t watch these soap operas. Thank you very much and would love to

Sorry, Karen … very unlikely to happen!

PT doesn’t produce or host content. It fetches its TVshows from the website and movies from YTS.LT. If they don’t host the torrent - Popcorntime won’t have it. There’s only old seasons of “Ugly Betty’” in PT - but they’re not well seeded/supported (red health icon).

Not sure what you understand about PT’s Bittorrent workings … but in general, old shows and movies die out. They require other users (just like you) supporting the torrents (tv/movies) by uploading/seeding them (on demand). If they’re not seeded … they’re dead. Only the newest, most popular, or devotee-supported TVshows will normally be available to download/stream.

Popcorntime makes it look really easy (thanks to it’s Devs) … but most of us end up fetching our own torrents for particular favourites.

It’s still a great little app … and it’s free! But your not going to get everything on demand.

Edit: it used to be possible to copy/paste your own torrents into PT or search for them in the ‘Torrent Collection’ window … but I’m not sure that’s working in 0.4.4 ?

Okay, so is there no way there will be links available for soap opera series? Thanks

Only those Popcorntime downloads from If you had a working version of 0.3.10 you could fetch your own, but the new release of PT has changed things somewhat.

Okay thank you so much so basically I have to use eztv in this app? And if so how is it used? Thanks

The app already uses … if you go to their website, you’d see the source of’s TV shows.

If you go to the YTS,LT website - you would see all the movies. (Why only use these two sites? … that’s a Dev question? )

Popcorntime just fetches those torrent links and presents them in a “smart” friendly package (like Netflix) … so even your ‘Granny’ could use it!

We can do everything PT does with a “normal” torrent client, add any “good” torrent file (from multiple sites), use a multi-format video playback app and find a method of streaming to your TV … it’s just so much easier to use the for those who like an easier (“point and click”) option?

So PT has a pretty good choice of content … but it’s not comprehensive! Which is why I said:

At the moment … you would need a working version of 0.3.10 to get those features in full?

Hope that clears things a bit?

Okay thank you so basically you say I can see soap operas with you in the app which means there are links available for telenovelas in your app? Because the truth is I’m not so technological because it asks and sorry I drive you crazy. Thanks

If you mean “telenovelas” (the sit-com) S01 … definitely not :laughing: not enough interest. I can’t even find any torrents on the main websites to use? Things like that you need to look for online … a streaming site, online tv or even YouTube maybe?

We mainly have “mainstream” movies and TV shows. The big budget stuff!

Yes, you know in the end you can find YouTube, but other streaming sites I also checked and there are also no links available for soap operas telenovelas so I asked you about the Popcorn Time app if you can see there

Anything you can’t see just use the search function in the window … either full name of show or significant part (i.e don’t put in “the”). You can get the occasional problem with the way it’s been indexed by the hosting site … which is why you’d try part of the name.

Otherwise visit the usual torrent sites and use their search facility. If you find something you like - copy/paste the maget link into … that’s about as good as it gets?

The truth is I didn’t understand you sorry, I know I’m crazy about you and I’m not really a tech person and I do appreciate all the help and quick reactions and thanks for patience but I basically want to watch soap operas like a medal if you know the series Angel of the Rebel, I have tested other apps and no series This link source is available and therefore asks in the popcorn app so if I can watch this series then if I find links with you in the app? Thanks

Soap- angel rebelde, Betty , Clase 406 There are no links to these series in any streaming app I checked in Kodi app, tvzion, cinema apk, viva tv and so on because it asks you

You will not find links to “telenovelas” in Popcorntime. I’ve looked on the big torrent sites … and there is nothing on their websites!

They are not supported in torrent form … not enough people want to watch them? You are the first person I’ve seen asking for “these soaps”.

You will have to keep looking online? … Sorry!

thank you very muc Thank you very much for your patience

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