New version sucks

anyone gonna fix the new version?

On what points? Functionalities or the fact that you can’t run it? If you don’t like the functionalities of this version and can’t go back to 3.10 you can browser this forum. I saw people who made patched of the precedent version to make sure it still works.

everything. the page wont load… when it does everything comes up as ‘invalid media’… the sound cuts out frequently…

OK can you just give a bit of background on you issue. What system are you using, where did you downloaded PT?

it was an update as the prev version stopped working now the new update is crap. I got 8t off google like I have since 2015

What version you are using ?

What version are you using and where did you downloaded it (there are several versions of PT and people are often redirected to the wrong forum)

the newest one that just came out a couple days ago

You downloaded it from ? What is the version number ?