New update not working- click 'watch now' and nothing happens at all. Please help!

I havent used popcorn time in a while as it stopped working. I tried to get it working today and decided to download the new update from the website directly.

I have tried to watch a series called empire. When clicking ‘watch now’ on the episode, nothing happens.

I also tried other shows and movies and it still doesnt work.

Please help!

Have you tried to watch it using another player as VLC? BTW what is your OS?


I’m not too sure how to do that. I read the other threads and changed the index file and used the old version and that worked when trying to get the new window to come up (the downloading one) but my show won’t download at all. Just stays at ‘connecting’. Is that because there are no seeds or peers? It says it has bad health. I tried another one which had good health and that didn’t work either.

I’m using a Dell laptop which runs Windows 10 home- 64 bit.


Ok, to open in another player you first need to install it if you haven’t done it yet. Then you click on the arrow here:

Ekrankopio de 2020-04-23 15-02-12

It’s on Linux but it’s the same on Windows. You just need to select the player you want to use instead of clicking on the Watch Now button.
Tell me if that works.

Thanks so much for that. Just done it, but still nothing. Stays at connecting or starting download.

So irritating!!

What happen if you open the console? (press F12) Can you send a screenshot?

I tried to fix it but then deleted too many support files. Didn’t know which ones to get rid of, but that made it worse. So downloaded the latest version and it seems to be working. But no doubt I’ll be back here if it stops working.

Thanks so much for your help!

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Ok I’m happy for you! Have a nice day!