New button "Download"

There is a new button in 4.4 version. When I’m going to watch, there is one button to download.
If I press it, the movie is going to be in my computer or it’s just like the other ones? Just to watch

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@Felipe_David I do not have this feature on my Version of Popcorn Time, make me further wonder if I need to Update Popcorn Time, but sadly I don’t know how.

Heres my Topic about it, if you please care to read and maybe lend a hand?? Check Version and Update?

Most of these kinds of Apps Notify you of any Updates and you can Update with just one click. I think I will make another new Topic and suggest such a feature. Thank you.

I have this feature on 0.4.4. But for me it’s not working totally fine.
When you click on Download, the file is just stored to watch later for example. If you click on Watch Now, the file is downloaded but will be removed after you watched. Also you need internet connection while you’re watching when you click on watch now.

So basically, if you want to just watch the movie, click on ‘Watch Now’ if you want to keep it for later, click on Download.

If it’s not working and the Download is not stored or the loading bar is stuck at 100% go into the settings and do the following:

  1. Toggle the ‘Advanced Settings to true’
  2. Go into the ‘Cache Directory section’
  3. Change the cache directory to where your files must be downloaded
  4. Untick the box ‘Clear Tmp folder after closing the app’

Hope that will help!

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@Felipe_David Ok, so the other day I Uninstalled and Reinstalled Popcorn Time, because I did not have those features. There seems to be at least two Active Popcorn Time Download Pages active at the same time. :open_mouth:

They both are nearly identical, and they both have Popcorn Time available for Download. However one of them seems to be an older, generic Version of Popcorn Time, and there are no Numbers in the Title to indicate which Version of Popcorn Time people are Downloading from it. :triumph:

The other one does, and it says its the, “Latest Version.” I Downloaded that this time. I think a lot of people are Downloading from the other Link because it says, “Windows,” on that Page, so people are thinking thats the right and true and only Link for Windows, which is the most widely used OS in the entire Universe, lol. :joy:

Anyway, I’m about to settle in to Popcorn Time for a little Streaming/Seeding. Hopefully I got the new Version and have the Extra Bells and Whistles and Brickitibrackit now, lol. :smile: