I've uninstalled PopcornTime and keep getting antivirus message "http://popcorntime-upd.xyz/?app_id= ....How do I get rid of this?

I’ve uninstalled PopcornTime and keep getting antivirus message "http://popcorntime-upd.xyz/?app_id= …How do I get rid of this?

Not our version … this forum supports popcorntime.app.

That belongs to one of the Time4Popcorn iterations. They’ve left you a “bad egg!” (hidden in your system - but still enabled)

Try their forum?

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LOL … I have no idea what you mean. Sorry. I assumed that it was all the same thing. … What is Time4Popcorn and where do I find their forum.

But thanks for the assist all the same. Any further guidance would be most welcome! :slight_smile:

Put “getpopcorntime forum” in your browser … should get you there?

One of our subreddit regulars wrote this (in reply to a similar question) … if it means anything to you?

“to delete those files kill them from task manager first then delete them, or better find their startup entries/services with ‘msconfig’, careful you dont disable other things that you dont know what they are, restart your pc, then delete them”

I guess you look in/with System Configuration for a similarly named suspect file?
(I’m a Mac user … Windows internals are an enigma to me!)

I’m on a Mac as well, so the PC reference won’t be useful. I’ll check that other forum, but if you have any other references on how to get rid of such ‘bad eggs’ I’d appreciate it.

Lol … I always forget some Mac users use Antivirus. Never used one myself. Never used Time4Popcorn come to that!

I suspect the you gave their installer admin privileges … it’s just a question of finding the left overs and deleting them? They can be “tricky” though - covertly reappearing!

Check your System’s: /Library/PrivelegedHelperTools/ and /Library/LaunchDaemons/ folders for PT.udpp.plist and PT.updd … or anything similar (upd-pct.info updpct.info updpopcorntime.xyz popcorntime-update.xyz)