Issues with sound

I’ve been using the 3.10 version for a while since the 4.4 simply sucks. It works amazingly well, but I’ve been noticing something that the dialogues are really low, I have to almost turn all the volume up to be able to listen to them, however, all action sounds, music, and special effects are really loud so I find myself turning up and down the volume all the time because I can’t hear a damn thing the actors are saying and I’m jumping out of my seat every time something comes up and a special effect takes place.

Anyone with the same issue?

I use the latest version and don’t have this problem, but if it is with the internal player try to use an external player like VLC or MPC HC and see if it works correctly then.

I’ll try that for sure. Thanks!

I created a topic for all the bugs I found in version 4.1. Are these resolved in the latest version? Version 4.1 Windows bugs

I will check your post and get back to you, i am actually on the latest dev version from here

Regarding the post, the subtitle drop down menu is present on movies so you can choose before pressing watch now/download.

Series it needs to be set in settings or changed in the internal player. The shortcuts i tested also worked fine including adjusting subtitles (G) and (H).

Favourites i didn’t have so can’t say anything there. But that would probably be sorted just by exporting the DB in settings.

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That’s awesome! If these are fixed, I won’t have any issues to upgrade, but I truly had a terrible experience when I did the first time.

Thank you for the help.

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No problem. I edited in the answer regarding your post in my answer above here.

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