I need help...Please

Hey,im having issue in past 2 days where pop corn is buffering when playing,the movies are buffer,my internet is very fast,i use the latest version of pop corn,Windows 10 64bit. Please help me.

Which version of Popcorntime are you using (name/build number) … or where did you download it from?

Is this with every movie/show? What’s the torrents download speed when it’s buffering? How many active peers when this happens? Does building up a large cache work? Do you run a VPN and/or Antivirus in the background? Is it the same using an alternative video player?


Im using 4.4 Version
I downloaded it from https://popcorntime.app/
I dont use antivirus,i do use NordicVPN but i tried without using it too
It does happen with other movies too. But i had a case where i was watching Rick and Morty week ago and i havent had any issues for a whole session. Then i started experiencing buffering.
The rest of the info that you asked about cache work and whats the torrents download speed when buffering i dont know,i dont see any of these. Only thing i see when i start playing a movie or a series is just volume up and subtitles. There are pictures from my advanced settings sir.

This also the the peek. When i took that picture Download dropped down to 50kbs


Now i downloaded other version,this one is 6.2 version,i downloaded it from here: https://getpopcorntime.is/

Before this picture i took,the Download speed was between 600/700 kbs/s . Now it goes from 0/90 kbs/s

Sorry for multiple posts,it does not let me post more pictures as a new user.

Sorry we don’t support that version … only Popcorntime.app?

4 peers isn’t great! It’s not telling you how many seeders either in that view. Could be 1 seed 3 peers (I think they’re combined in that view?). Does it buffer if you have a large cache before watching (25% plus)?

Siren S01 looks ok in 420p but 720p looks not so healthy in some episodes. Basically if you have less than a handful of seeds … downloads will be variable - you should expect it to work with a large buffer though?
Check health of torrent by mousing over the coloured dot next to magnet link icon. If it’s red - it may buffer?

Same for some episodes of Rick and Morty?

If you play a “blockbuster” movie - what speeds/peers do you get? Does it buffer?

Another funny thing,i just watched like 8 episodes from that 6.6 version, that i downloaded at https://getpopcorntime.is/ . I was getting huge amount of kbs/s . Up to 2,500 kbs/s

Right now i dropped at 36 kbs/s. Im not really familiar with seeds and peers. Is it better if the numbers are bigger or lower? Because previous 8 episodes loaded in 10 seconds

Seeds have 100% of the torrent to share but the speed they share at depends on what they allow and other factors. More seeds the better.
Peers are trying to download (like you). They will have various percentages depending where they are at downloading. Peers will also share the torrent while they download. But will often disappear after they have their torrent (hit and run!).

So you’d like at least a handful of seeds (you might get 100+ downloading the latest movie/show). You can get by with 2 or 3 seeds sometimes with some active peers helping out.

Obviously a large 1080p file will take longer than a low quality 420p.

But sometimes you just have to find your own torrent if the PT one isn’t watchable.

Hi @Nikola_Slovic_Slovic, can you please update the Topic title making it more descriptive?
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