I have a VPN that is not Popcorntime's

Hey everyone! I have installed the VPN NordVPN mostly so i could use Popcorntime in peace but it doesn’t acknowledge its existence. What can i do for the program to see that my connection is secured?

What do you mean … if you can describe what’s happening in more detail or post a screenshot (that would help)?

Which version of Popcorntime are you using (name/build number) … or where did you download it from?

OK, I think I understand what you mean. You are talking about the VPN warning each time you start a movie and stuff. If it’s the case you can disable it in the settings. You need to activate the advanced settings. Then you can disable the box here: (Enable VPN)

This should remove all the VPN warnings.

Yeah, looks like you’ve got the same problem as I reported here. about 48 hours before you did.

Snowcode has given you the same advice s/he gave me but, if you’ve got the same version I have (6.2.14) then the “Advanced” option isn’t available.

If I find a solution, I’ll post it here. I’d be grateful if you could reciprocate…

This Forum is for users of the Popcorntime,app? You need to post on your own forum … not here!
The clue is in the web-sites name … discuss.popcorntime.app ?

fair point, except that, until Snowcode just alerted me to the fact that, somehow, I was no longer using the “official” PT app, I was blissfully unaware of it.

Which ought to worry the devs and anyone else with a vested interest in the real deal because I’m a fairly seasoned user and I was suckered into “updating” to the version I’m using by what appeared to be a standard PT installation website when I went looking for an update because my existing version had stopped working. I had no idea I was switching software. If I fell for it, I guarantee many others will have followed the same path…

They are obviously trying to look exactly like the original. Check out https://getpopcorntime.is/

Frankly, I don’t care which version I’m using unless someone can point me to an additional threat arising from using theirs…

And, for those who are currently stuck with their “pirate” version, the solution IS in the Settings,

Remove the tick from the “Safe torrents watch via Safe Watch free app” (I had only removed the tick from “Alert me before downloading if my VPN is turned off”)

I don’t have to … I’ve been aware of the many faces of Time4Popcorn for the last 6 years! I too am a “seasoned” user - and I know where to download my app (or any Dev builds) from?

Frankly nor do I (care which version you are using)… as long as you post on the right forum? Shouldn’t be that difficult for a “seasoned” user?