I can't send my downloads movies to my smart tv with the "send" button that the app have

Hi, I use PPT and everything is fine when I’m using in my Android but when I try to see it in my smart tv with the option that the app have to send it to tv, just like YouTube, it pops and error and said that the file doesn’t exist, any solution??

I also have a smart TV but I think this function depends on the brand of the TV. Can you tell me what version do you use?

Is samsung, when I send it conects to the tv but appears a window that said “file doesn’t exist”, with both options, download and online

What version do you uses? (of PT) did you downloaded it from https://popcorntime.app ?

Is 3.6.6 and I don’t remember where I download just that it was form the first link that appeared

I think your version is not the one that is supported here. Could you retry to download it with the link above?

The latest version is 2.10 for phones and tablets and 1.4 for Android TV.

Yeaa… Now I see my error I install the real one and it’s run perfectly on tv now Thanks, just another question, so… I see where I install it he first time at it was from getpopcorntime.is , so this one is a “clone” app or what? Thanks again!

The original version is the one you can install on https://popcorntime.app.

getpopcorntime.is is a clone.

Acually by going on their website they provide the source code and says that they cannot host it on GitHub. Actually, they could. popcorntime.app is hosted on GitHub https://github.com/popcorn-official/popcorn-desktop.

But yes there are several clones of popcorntime.app. And people are very confused because the urls often change.