How to install Popcorn-Time on Fedora 32

Plz Give Suggation How to install Popcon Time on Fedora 32 and 64 bit…

I would presume the “linux” versions should work. I’m not sure how to do it as I dont work with linux based OS’s.

It’s Not Opne…popcorn 4.4 Not Open … plz Fix it and Clear your instruction How to install Officel plz make new Linux popcorn .deb and .rmp just one click at install …Porcorn…i strongly request Popcorn Creator and Teams.Now …

What happen when you try to run popcorntime from the terminal ?
which error messages ?

also you can open “feature request” on the repo to ask for rpm or flatpak packages… but the problem will be to find someone which will do it.

Have you checked the Ubuntu / Debian install instructions.

It should be a bit similar on fedora.