How to avoid PopCorn App automatically update?

Hello, I need to know how can avoid that Popcorn App update firmware automatically
cos my IOS don’t support last version (4.3).
I just wanna continue using version 3

Thanx doesn’t have an iOS version … you’ve landed in the wrong forum? It only offers desktop (PC/Mac/Linux) and Android versions (always did).

Well maybe is my english. My IOs (mac) is not available to run new version (4.3) of Pop corn
but even if i run version 3, popcorn update himself the new version so next time the app cannot be open. Upgrade IOs is not a possibility.
I just want Popcorn app let me use version 3 and not auto update to 4.3


No problem - if you’re using a computer/laptop? (MacOS) you can stop the update with a bit of DIY … Or you can download the latest 0.4.4 (working) version from here:

It’s a bit buggy at the moment - but if you can live with it - your good to go! If you want to carry on with the 0.3.10 version, get back to me and I’ll give you some workarounds!

It’s always recommended to make “clean” installs. Make sure you delete (at least) the support folder, Popcorn-Time from ~/Library/Application Support/